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Coker Palmer Institutional (CPI) is the institutional sales, trading and research division of Coker & Palmer Investment Securities, Inc.  CPI was founded in June 2015 by a group of experienced professionals who identified an opportunity to better service both existing and new clients through the formation of an independent platform differentiated by our clarity of thought, and unconflicted with regards to the size and scale of our investment banking endeavors.  

Most sell side research is dominated by the large, bulge bracket financial institutions who can’t or don’t service all clients and supplemented by smaller boutique platforms, many of which are motivated by either larger investment banking and/or commercial banking platforms, which aren’t always aligned with the client’s best interests.  Coker Palmer Institutional is differentiated in that our clients respect our clarity of thought that isn’t clouded by a large investment banking effort. 

Our core philosophy is simple: Put our clients first and generate investment ideas in a best efforts approach to help clients achieve alpha in their portfolios.